Depot Complaints Complaints Copyright 2005-2009 Depot Complaints Lastest info from Depot Complaints. en-us by Guest120 <p>I tried to return a recent purchase at home depot. the merchandise had all tags and was never used. &nbsp;the original cost of the product was $30+..they were trying to give me only $16.00 (50% penalty for what!!)...i spoke with the assistant manager and then the manager to give me the full price credit and he declined it...what a rude people...they just told me to complaint if i want to...I tried several people at customer service with no success. I think these managers from Alameda and santa fe ave in Denver Colorado should be fired!!! I am not buying at home depot anymore.&nbsp;</p><br/><hr/><br/> 2012-01-20 21:35:03 POOR SERVICE by Guest118 <p>Every time I shop at the Home Depot store in West Windsor, NJ I am forced to use the self check out lines. Then I look around and see many of the employees standing around and doing nothing except talking to each another instead of helping the customers. What the hell is going on here?</p><br/><hr/><br/> 2012-01-16 15:22:18 store manager rude and mean by Guest117 <p>your new store manager at home depot littleon nh&nbsp;is horrible, he is rude to staff&nbsp;.He makes fun of people behind their backs, treats employees unfairly and show favoritism to some and treats others very unfairly. to bad home depot you just lost my business.</p><br/><hr/><br/> 2011-11-02 21:12:14 by Guest115 <p>Kitchen Cabinet install NIGHTMARE with HomeDepot-Flagstaff, AZThis was a pretty cut and dry replacement (and installation) of new cabinets, Silestone countertops, Kohler sink, new faucets and disposal. HD required all payment up front. This should have been the clue to go elsewhere. So last October we committed to fork over $20k for Thomasville/Martha Stewart cabinets and all the trimmings. It is May 1 and this job is not finished - or close to it. Cabinets were either damaged, the wrong size or so poorly constructed that the installer couldn&rsquo;t fix them. There is a gap between the doors-there is no center style to close off the open space. It appears that someone tried to cover up scratches with a magic marker - glossy look on matte cabinets. The cut out space for the wall ovens was the wrong size, and this was &ldquo;not their problem&rdquo; !!!&nbsp; Installation doesn&rsquo;t include putting what was demolished back together. You have to find your own plumber and electrician to supplement their &ldquo;installation&rdquo;, including a woodworker to fit the oven into the cabinet and the microwave back on the wall. This cabinet fiasco took so long that the Silestone pattern we picked had been discontinued. WE called Silestone and found a plentiful supply not 20 miles away. A simple formica counter top for the laundry room isn&rsquo;t ready after 6 months! Lowes remodeled our kitchen in Phoenix - in one month everything had been demolished, reinstalled and was all put back together before final payment. WE ARE SO SORRY WE DIDN&rsquo;T LOOK FOR A CONTRACTOR TO DO THIS JOB.</p><br/><hr/><br/> 2011-05-04 20:48:21 CUSTOMER RETURNS by Guest113 <p><strong>jan 3 , 2011</strong></p> <p>&nbsp; I WITNESS RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE AT HOME DEPOT TODAY JAN 3, 2011. MY HUSBAND AND I AND HIS EMPLOYEE&nbsp; CAME INTO RIVERDALES DEPOT STORE TODAY TO RETURN AN&nbsp; RIGID WD1250 SHOP VAC WHICH WAS PURCHASED A FEW DAYS PRIOR. THE DAY HE PURCHASED IT HE CALLED AND TOLD ME THAT THE PRODUCT WAS WRAPPED FUNNY IN TAPE AND PIECES WERE MISSNG AND IT&nbsp;APPEARED TO BE USED AND NASTY. HE SAID'' HA WAS SURPRISED HOME DEPOT SOLD THE ITEM LIKE THAT HE SHOULD HAVE CHECKED IT''. ANYWAY WE WENT TO RETURN THE ITEM AND&nbsp; <strong>MS. TINA</strong> ACCUSED HIM OF TRYING TO BRING AN USED VAC BACK TO THE STORE FOR A NEW ONE ARGUED WITH HIM IN SUCH A MANNER THAT i HAD TO STEP BACK AND LOOK FOR RETURN POLICY POSTERS&nbsp;TO SEE &nbsp;HOW WERE THEY SUPPOSE TO HANDLE THE PROBLEM . ALL I SAW WAS FALSE ADVERTISEMENT OF HOW HOME DEPOT WILL HELP YOU FIND AND GET WHAT YOU NEED. MS. TINA SAID THAT HOME DEPOT WOULD NEVER SALE AN ITEAM LIKE THAT , THEY ALWAYS(THE EMPLOYEES) CHECKED RETURN PRODUCTS&nbsp;BEFORE THEY RETURNED THEM BACK TO THE FLOOR. THE SITUATION GOT OUT OF HAND THAT HE CALLED HIS CONTRACTER WHICH WAS THERE WITH HIM ON THE PHONE TO SPEAK WITH HER. THE ONLY THING HE TOLD HER WAS THE BOX WAS TAPED AS MY HUSBAND TRIED TO EXPLAIN TO HER WHEN THE PURCHASE WAS MADE. AFTER SHE SPOKE WITH THE CAUCASSIAN MALE SHE FINALLY SAID OKAY TO THE EXCHANGE AND SAID THAT SHE WILL NOT TAKE THE NEXT ONE BACK IF HE NEEDED TO RETURN IT STILL IN A RUDE MANNER. THE REASON I AM COMPLAING BECAUSE MY HUSBAND AND i ARE BOTH IN THE BUSINESS OF MAKING PEOPLES LIFES LESS COMPLICETED AND WE REALLY BELIEVE IN GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE DEALING WITH OTHER PEOPLE.&nbsp;WE SPEAK ABOUT IT DAILY AND IT UPSETS US WHEN WE ARE TREATED RUDELY.&nbsp;WE FELT ASTHOUGH HE WAS STEREOTYPICAL SITUATION AND I MYSELF DIDNT LIKE IT AT ALL. THE OTHER YOUNG LADY WHICH I CALL HER SIDE KICK WAS <strong>MS. ANITA(</strong>RUDE).</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; TO WHOM THIS MAY CONCERN</strong></p><br/><hr/><br/> 2011-01-03 19:06:45 by Ben <p>I have a complaint about the Home Depot store in Dothan, Alabama (Store Number 0808).&nbsp; I went into this store to exchange some ceiling fans.&nbsp; I went to the returns register and no one was there so I went to the customer service desk and this lady was there.&nbsp; I asked her if she could help me with an exchange and she rudely told me "No, I can't help you, you need to go to the returns register".&nbsp; Before&nbsp;I could tell her no one was there to help me she closed the door to the office.&nbsp; I walked around the store for about 20 minutes until finally someone helped me with my exchange.&nbsp; The associates are also clueless about anything in the store.&nbsp;&nbsp; I don't shop in this store anymore.&nbsp; If I go to Home Depot it is to the store in Bainbridge, Georgia (Store Number 6959).&nbsp; The Bainbridge store is smaller than the Dothan store but the employees there sure know what the meaning of what good customer service is.&nbsp; Every time I have been in&nbsp;the Bainbridge&nbsp;store someone has offered to help me and the associates sure know their stuff.&nbsp; I am fixing up an old house that I bought back in June and I have spent about $5,000 so far and the Dothan store could have received my business if not for the poor customer service.&nbsp;</p><br/><hr/><br/> 2010-12-05 10:28:29 miliitary discount by Guest112 <p>I WENT TO YOUR HOME DEPOT ON VETERANS DAY TO PURCHASE XMAS ITEMS.&nbsp; i did not have form ddform 214 due to a firer in my house.&nbsp; I SHOWED MY HONORABLE DISCHARGE PAPERS SHOWING THAT I AM A RETIRED VETERAN OF US ARMY.&nbsp; THE SALES PERSON REFUSED TO PROCESS MY PURCHASE TOTALLING OVER 300.00.&nbsp; IS THIS THE WAY YOU SERVICE A VETERAN ON VETERAN DAY.&nbsp; I WENT TO LOWES AND PURCHASE ALL MY XMAS ITEMS AND TOLD THEM THAT I WAS A RETIRED VET.&nbsp; NO PROBLEM . THEY DID NOT EVEN ASK FOR PROOF.&nbsp; HOME DEPOT SHOULD CHECK OUT YOUR POLICY.</p><br/><hr/><br/> 2010-11-11 17:03:20 rugs by Guest111 <p>I went to HD to Order a rugs.The saleperson schuled a day to messure the room after I chosse the rugs.The person that was suppossed to take messure never called to comfim the time,i decided to call on the schuled day,after the time he was suppossed to be,he said that he was ruunning late an&nbsp; hour,but he never call me.After he arrived that day he took meassure and he stated that somebody from the store will call me.Nobady did,i have to call and the person who anwer the phone was very unprfessional,she told a price fr the rug that was incorrect,since the guy who&nbsp; took the meassure did it wrong.I call the store the next day again and after 20 phone calls to the</p> <p>store,finally the saleperson who took care of me the 1rst.time decided</p> <p>to call me she also gave me the wrong meassure since I meassure the room myself and it was not the same as the guy who went to the house.I will said that home depot sucks,they hired people that they dont know what they doing.I will never go back to that store.Finally I have to cancelled my order.They prefer to loose a good customer than to do the right thing.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p><br/><hr/><br/> 2010-09-21 13:42:27 the do it her self classes by mrs. ford <p>I sign on line for all your do it her self classes on saturday september 4 at the home depot store 6003 oxon hill maryland 20745. When i arrived at the store around 10:00 a.m. I went to customer service to ask where is the classes were being held they told me down asle 4 in the pain area. I went back and ask the young lady in the paint station she tried to page someone to help me but no one answer her she had about 5 customers she was wiating on so about 20 min. went by so i went back to customer service they told me that john was supposed to do the class it was about 30 min. late before my class started! Then i was supposed to take another class on tiling i went to customer service to ask about the class i was told that they were no going to have any more classes today. I asked to see a manger. It&nbsp; took about 10 min before Mr. fall came to customer service and told mr that the person who normily do the class had a fire at her daughter house. So he got mr. Ron to do the class he was very help and gave me a lot of useful information i feel condifent i can complete the job,I was supposed to take another class after the tiling class&nbsp; after going thru all tha drama i decided tha i will take my next class in va.</p><br/><hr/><br/> 2010-09-05 08:37:31 to all you complaing customers by Guest110 <p>i work at the home depot and it just sucks.the only thing that keeps me there is the fact that i've worked two jobs that sucks way worse and i am really patient.i do not want to make it a career.its just a not complaining.i just want you to read this before you make a customer service complaint so that you could see a worker's side of the story.i know that there are employees who can be just rude.but they don't get rude for no reason.the job is overwhelming.its hot.and coeworkers are constantly on the radio shouting at you saying''customer needs assistance on aisle 9''and your already with a customer who have thousands of questions and you have two more after that the customer who was radioed in walks out because of waiting so long.after working there for quite a while i've seen that the real reason why an employee may be rude is because you the customer may have said something to him or her and it will cost them their job if they directly say something back to there is nothing wrong with an employee taking a deep breath and counting to five or whatever.and complaing customers minipulate so much.ya'll always tend to add on sumthing.we work long 8 hour shifts of just constantly assisting ppl and cleaning up their mess and constantly stocking the shelves while constantly getting interrupted and when we don't get the shelves fully stocked and organized,management gets on to us and say why didn't you get it done.they push customer service as a number 1 priority but they also throw more duties on to you that you have to get done by the end of your shift.customers expect that we only just assist ppl and thats it.WRONG!!!then we are scheduled to work departments that we have no expertise in with no coverage from an expert in that department.we are required to stop and acknowledge every customer and offer them assistance.if we don't the customer will think we are being rude and its poor service.i really hate offering ppl help because 90 percent of the time its a really difficult question and i can't answer it&nbsp;and whoever can is gone for the day or is on a one hour lunch.that makes me feel really stupid and the customer is just staring at me wit a dumbfounded look as if i let him or her down by offering help but don't know how to help them when they start explaing the problem.i don't mind helping in all departments,i just don't want to be scheduled everywhere because i don't know everything.i just know enough to show were the product is at or to rekey locks,mix paint,cut pipe,carped,etc.i don't know how to wire up circuits and stuff but when a customer see me over there,they expect me to.then you guys get mad when we say ''its not my department''we don't say that because we know the answer to your problem but we choose not to help you because we're not scheduled there.we say that because we just flat out don't know.the only department i know really well is paint because i work there alot.i know what we don't carry and no longer carry in that department.but any other department there have been times when i tried to help by looking for an item for 30 minutes with the customer and the person who works that department comes over and say we no longer carry it.but when we say we don't work this department let me get the person who knows,you get mad.then there are times when we are running errands or hunting down a customer because they have been waiting,we get stopped by another customer and he or she starts explaing their needs right before we tell them we are tied up.some ppl may have a simple question like were are the air filters.thats ok.but some ppl expect you to stop what you are doing and they have a list of questions and concerns.and you end up forgetting all about the customer you were already happens.and when we tell you dat we are busy you get either way,if one customer isn't getting pissed off,another one is.and to add on,its a big store with a countless number of items.many times customers come in and expect us to know everything about everything.most of the stuff they ask for we don't even know what it looks like and never heard the name of it even though we may walk past it all the time.not to mention we all have then we have to worry about the customers who calls up there.and majority of the time when they call,we are already helping someone and we are at the oppossite end of the store to get a price or information for them.and them ppl interrupt us when we are on the phone with a customer and we have to answer the call because if we don't,it will go directly to the store manager's phone and he or she will ask us why we didn't pick even though its rude to answer a call while you're already helping someone,it's company policy that we answer a phone call.the worst part is that we do not get paid overtime and most of us can't cut when we are heading to the break room to go home or to lunch,we get stopped by a customer and we end up staying an hour over because it was a big order and everyone else was we can't say no to the customer.i pretty much got everything summed up.bottom line is that its all about timing.there may be some days when you go and you'll happen to catch an expert in that department who can help you.but on the otherhand you may show up while he or she is tied up with other customers who may be asking a ton of questions.its not best buy at the home depot.everyone can't help everywhere.its a very interesting job.when i go to other stores and i don't get help right away,i understand because i work in the heat of retail myself.its obvious that the ppl who complain about service never actually worked it before.i have more to say but im going to stop right here because i've said so much.</p><br/><hr/><br/> 2010-08-17 20:06:52