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Other: Cancellation Right [-]
by Guest104 on November 23, 2009
Hello Home Depot, This is not a complaint,  I've tried for a while to locate where to cancel via e-mail as the "contract states"., but unsuccesfully.  So please forward this letter to who ever needs to address it... Read more
Other: sound proofing [-]
by Guest131 on June 08, 2014
Please consider having Acoustiblok or other heavy sound dampening material available. thanks Comments[30]
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November 07, 2009
It's been awhile

I haven't worked on the site in quite some time. Hopefully I can finish up the few things that are left soon.

I'm pretty sure only Support and Contact are left for the outside, and categories for the admin panel.

Nothing really maj...

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April 01, 2009

As of right now you should be able to make a complaint, and leave comments. Please leave a comment to this article if you're having problems.

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