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Other: cell phone [-]
by Guest42 on June 27, 2007

hi i just recently had forgotten my cell phone a one of the registers, now i have a comercial account i do a lot of business at the home depot(bellingham ma ) at 1:38 pm june 27 2007. what my issue is, i am going through a divorce, in which my wife had called my phone, in my phone, my private business, my mistake was not getting a name, not sure YET who he was, in which i will find out answered/called back which was very courteous how ever he proceeded to tell her that her name in my phone was slut. in which has caused a when i picked the phone up at the store, over the course of half an hour from leaving it, the asses at customer service where all laughing and joking that i had a message, the person that gave me the phone was a heavy set man with a beard and glasses. i seriously want somthing done about this... until then i will no longer shop at home depot and will go to lowes.

ps sorry about my spelling i'm very irritated with this situation.

my email is mrx5227 [at] aol [dot] com
business account Eastern developement llc..

thank you for your time


Building Materials [-]
by Sanari on June 27, 2007

June 27, 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

The following is a detailed explanation of the events that took place in your store at approximately 9:45pm on June 26th.

I am a first time homebuyer who has spent over a thousand dollars in less than a week in your Home Depot location. My experience with your staff, selection and service has been pleasant for the most part. Tuesday I came a across your Customer Service Desk associate Kenya. Kenya, I am afraid does not have the slightest clue what common courtesy is let alone customer service.

I spent twenty minutes trying to find someone to help me in the lumber department. Marius Y was finally able to help me. He was sure to check his watch as it was nearing closing time and he sent me to the service desk to put in a will call for countertop materials that I needed cut and ready for pick up. Kenya's response when I made such request was Where are the SKUs. This young lady insisted on letting me know that Marius could do this, I responded that she also can do this, she concurred but again reminded me that Marius in lumber can do it. So, back to lumber I go, find Marius a second time and have him write down the SKUs. Back to the service desk again, SKU is invalid. Kenya has been ice if anything throughout all of this. I am a professional woman and conduct myself as such with all, not once did I give her an attitude to provoke the behavior that soon followed.

Kenya chose to concentrate on the problem not the solution She called Marius and just said the SKU was invalid, no mention of solving this issue. She proceeds to mumble under her breath, complain etc. We wait and wait, she is mumbling some more at this time I ask her if she is getting the correct SKU, her response was something to the effect of didn't I see her on the phone dripping with attitude. I told her that I did not hear her give specifics as to what is invalid, or instructions for him to come up front. Why? Why do I need to explain myself to this poorly trained person?

Marius shows up quite some time later, now I am officially frustrated as a simple item has become quite lengthy. Marius and Kenya continue to debate in front of me who is responsible, who does and does not do will call. Basically, who's job is this. No new SKU has been produced. I am standing here wondering just how much longer the two are going to concentrate on the problem. Kenya at some point pages the manager so we can really find out where the buck stops. We wait some more, I need to here them debate. Kenya is closing out her register. Mumbling some more. I tell them to call a manager as I need this done. Again, didn't you see I called, I am not calling again, I don't have to, I did already, etc etc. You don't need to tell me what to do. Blah blah blah. I politely asked her to contact Dennis' manager because now this was ridiculous. I do not need to be insulted by an employee. She said there is no other manager. She started berating me and went as far to advise me that she gets off at 9pm. Are you kidding me? Is this little girl challenging, me a 34 year old grown woman to a fight? I bought this to her attention. Said I had no intentions as a grown adult to "fight it out". What type of training did this person go through? She goes on and on, isisting on getting the last word. I tell to stop speaking to me and she continues. I tell her that there is no need for her to continue with this behavior as I have done nothing to provoke her. She continues to be confrontational and rude. I wanted a manager to show up so that I could just stop this verbal abuse from your employee. I see no way to save myself other than to cause a bigger scene at this point I turned around and screamed that at the top of my lungs "I WANT A MANAGER UP FRONT NOW!!!". Ask your employees they all heard me, and so did everyone on line waiting to check out.

Dennis materialized, took care of my order. Kenya was sure to give him attitude as well. In front of me no less. Dennis was professional all the way. He went to ring me up and found that Kenya had already closed down her register. He asked why and she said cuz, I am done  been shut it down. Down right awful, disgusting behavior. I have never been so uncomfortable ever.

I have a great deal on my plate and this truly was not called for. I was crying because of the emotional duress of the entire experience. What she did should not be excused or forgotten. She is fortunate enough that I am not a violent, angry and small minded person.

I am still feeling the effects of this mishap. I have my fingers crossed that there will be no issue with the countertops that are scheduled to be picked up today at 2pm.

I had intentions on writing a letter to the Corporate headquarters all along. Dennis encouraged me to write this one to be turned in to an assistant manager at the store this afternoon.

Please be advised my intentions are to cc Corportate on this matter.

Thank you for your time.

Thanks for the help!

Could not even submit complaint on their convenient!


Other: your promotions [-]
by Judy on June 26, 2007

I was looking at my bill and noticed an additional 100.00 attached to it and I call your customer service to find out that I did not pay on your promotion on time. I explained that I had been paying extra on my account and he could check the records and that It is not fair. The rep. stated that you had to tell them or else they do not apply it to that account. I cannot believe that you are charging me an additional 100.00 dollars as if I had been very late or not paying my bill. Each and every month when I come into your store Your salesassociates could of at least said something.I am disappointed but that obviously is my problem and I now know what I have to do. I hope that you enjoy that 100.00 and you showed me no good customer service at all. Thank You...........


Other: Front Door [-]
by Guest41 on June 23, 2007

I needed a new front door. I chose Home Depot over a Handyman because I assumed Home Depot was a National Brand and had a good reputation. I bought the door from Salesman ADAM MCDOUGAL. He asked if I wanted a new screen door. I told him NO, I liked the one I had. He did the paperwork telling me an Adjustor would come to my house for $25.00 to measure the door. The adjustor came and told me my door frame and door was the WRONG SIZE and they would have to SPECIAL ORDER a CUSTOM door at a higher rate. The adjustor asked me if I wanted to buy a new screen door too. Again, I told him I was happy with the screen door I had. So I signed the new order from this adjustor that I would pay extra for the SPECIAL ORDER CUSTOM door. He left. He did not give me a copy of the order for the CUSTOM door. I was floored about paying more. I did not even think to ask for a copy.

I found out that Home Depot farms out its jobs to independent contractors instead of doing the work “in house”. MIKE WILKIN of PAUL MCCARTHY CONSTRUCTION came to put the front door on. I was kind of surprised on how young this guy was and he was working alone. I left him alone to do his job. Finally he said he was finished. I came out to look at my new door. He opened it and it was like someone punched me in the stomach. My front screen door was GONE. I told him I wanted a new front door and nothing was said about them taking my front screen door away. MIKE WILKIN said it would not fit on the new moldings so he had to get rid of it. He said was probably in my contract. I told him no one told me it would be removed. I had no clue it would be taken off even. I bought a new Door. The screen door should not have been touched. I looked at the contract and SAW NOTHING about the screen door being removed. I was not given ANY indication that the outside of the door entrance would be touched. That includes the screen door and doorbell. I assumed they would change the wood frame around the actual door ONLY, leaving the outside intact. I do not have any paperwork given to me that explains that this would happen. It was NOT explained to me verbally. It would have been a deal braker for me to have the outside of the doorway and screen door torn apart too. I assumed it was only the door.

At this point MIKE WILKIN was pushing me to sign a paper saying eveything was okay. Everything was NOT okay. Taking my front screen door away was NOT part of my vocabulary on this job. IF I HAD KNOWN MY SCREEN DOOR WOULD BE REMOVED, THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN A DEAL BREAKER AND I WOUL D NOT HAVE BOUGHT A NEW DOOR AT HOME DEPOT. At that point I saw major craftsmanship issues. (I HAVE PHOTOS). Saw cuts in wood. Deep nail holes in middle of boards, dripping glue seeping out. Non caulking of cracks. Plaster chunks deep in my walls all around the door. I called Home Depot immediately. While I was on the phone, MIKE WILKIN of PAUL MCCARTHY CONSTRUCTION took off in his truck taking my screen door with him. So I started with a good price door. They added on a fee for the Adjustor. They added on the cost of the locks. They added on the cost of the door knobs. They added on the cost of the Construction Company to install it. Then they added on the cost of a CUSTOM MADE Door. Everything escallated. Now they expect me to pay the added on cost of a new screen door that I DID NOT NEED OR WANT. So when I go to Home Depot, I expect a one stop shopping place that will do this work FOR ME. That is why I hired them and why I paid the hidden costs that jacked up the prices even thought I was not impressed by that bait and switch type of tactic.

On June 15, a guy came to fix the craftsmanship problems on the door and put put my screen door back in. I did not get his name because I did not sign his waiver when he was finished. His phone number when he called was: 908-285-5780. I got it off of my phone log. It is a New Jersey number?? He fixed the poor craftsmanship problems. But he said he could NOT put the screen door back on because it did not fit anymore? I did not understand this and still do not? The screen door fits on the outside of the door frame, not the inside?? It fit before, whey does not not now? The young guy who looked 20 years old kept saying the door would not fit because he said so. I had him get the door and put it on. But he still insisted it would not fit?

I went to call Home Depot. This guy was standing next to me. I had ERIC, one of the Home Depot guys on the phone, but this installer REFUSED to talk to the Home Depotls ERIC about the problem. He said it was between them and his boss, PAUL MCCARTHY CONSTRUCTION. I refused to sign his waiver. He was insistent saying that it ONLY was to say he did his work and that is all. But if I had signed it, I am pretty sure my rights would have been signed away too. This installer left the screen door and the frame on my front lawn. He just threw them there instead of storing them on the side of my porch. I put this screen door on my side porch myself. That is when I noticed the screen door had been damaged. There were holes in the 2 screens. Parts of the frame were bent and crooked. Within an hour SCOTT DROCHAK, Manager of Home Depot called and told me he talked with PAUL MCCARTHY CONSTRUCTION. He was told the screen door and the new door frame do not fit. Even though I feel it fits on the outside of this frame and not the inside. But he insisted it would NOT fit. He said because of this, they were changing their policy to let people know in the future the screen doors would not fit and would have to be taken off. (BUT AGAIN, it is NOT on any of their paperwork that I was given.) He said if I bought a new screen door, they would install it for free. He said the door would be $150.00 to $600.00. (Probably more since it would be another SPECIAL ORDER CUSTOM door). The installation is $119.00. I would get the $119.00 free. Plus, they don’t sell old fashion aluminum screens like my present screen door had. They sell nylon thread mesh thin screens that my cat would claw its way though immediately I did not commit. I would think about it.

I did research by going to the Home Depot store by South Hills Village. I asked the salesman there about a new door, as well as what if it was a odd size door. He NEVER brought up a screen door issue. So I asked if my screen door would have to be taken off. He said the screen door would have to be taken off for a $25.00 fee. It would be reinstalled for $25.00. Nothing was said about it not fitting. Their stories are NOT consistent.

I was telling friends about all of this and they all said to go higher up so I called the Home Depot Phone number that was on the compaint email I had sent their web site. The Home Depot Agent I talked to on the phone contacted the store. SCOTT DROCHAK was there and this agent contacted him. MR. DROCHAK basically said the same thing as before. They took my screen door off. It does not fit. There is nothing they can do except have me BUY a new screen door and they will install it for free.

I told SCOTT DROCHAK there was NOTHING in my paperwork telling me this would happen. He got his copies of the paperwork out and we compared them. There was NOTHING about my screen door being removed and trashed on any of this paper work. THAT IS WHEN HE BROUGHT UP THE ADJUSTOR WHO CAME TO MY HOUSE FOR $25.00 AND measured the door and told me my door would have to be a SPECIAL ORDER CUSTOM door. SCOTT DROCHAK TOLD ME THE PAPERWORK I SIGNED FOR THIS ADJUSTOR SAID MY SCREEN DOOR WOULD BE PERMANENTLY REMOVED. I told him I did not have a copy of this paperwork. SCOTT DROCHAK TOLD ME THAT WAS BECAUSE THEY DON’T GIVE COPIES OF THIS PAPERWORK TO CUSTOMERS. iT IS FOR HOME DEPOT INTERNAL USE ONLY!!!

I asked how would I know about the screen door being permanently removed unless I was given a copy? I guess he thought I should sit and read a legal copy while this Adjustor sat in my house and watched me read small print for a half hour? But then again, I always read what I sign later in the day. I did not get the opportunity. Home Depot took that opportunity away from my for their own INTERNAL USE ONLY!!!

This is the way I see it. The Adjustor came to my house. WHY? To measure my DOOR. That was what I was buying A NEW DOOR. The Adjustor said there is a problem. The old door was too large. So he had to special order a new door. A NEW DOOR. So the adjustor made a new estimate and I signed it. HE DID NOT GIVE ME A COPY. If I had a copy, I could have read what I had signed later and possibly terminated the job, or not even had it done since I only paid $25.00 for the adjustor to come to measure the door and this was BEFORE the installation of the new doorwas done. Like I said before, the Adjustor asked if I wanted a new screen door too. I told him NO, the one I had was okay.

SCOTT DROCHAK said the paper I signed was for Home Depot’s INTERNAL use only, not for me. So without paperwork, how was I to know my screen door would be removed? I wanted a NEW DOOR, nothing was said about a screen door. I assumed it would just stay on the outside intact. I am NOT a contractor. PLUS, my paperwork says haul away EXISTING DOOR...NOT DOORS if you want to get technical. They took both my original door AND the screen door. PLUS, they poked holes in my screens and bent the frame. They ruined my old screen door. So even if I got a handyman to put it on, it would have to be repaired.

SCOTT DROCHAK said he was sorry, but there was nothing that he could do other than have me BUY ANOTHER SCREEN DOOR FROM HOME DEPOT and they would install it for free. And their screen door screens are NOT heavy duty like my present trashed screen door. Like I said, I need aluminum, NOT mesh thread, to keep my cat in and not scratch though.

So we are at an impasse. SCOTT DROCHAK, PAUL MC CARTHY CONSTRUCTION, ADAM MCDOUGAL, MIKE WILKIN, and the Home Depot ADJUSTOR took my Screen door off without my knowledge. (It was like I was hit in the stomach when I saw it). They vandalized it by poking holes in the screens and bending the frame. They don’t have a similar sturdy door to replace it with sturdy Aluminum screens that would keep cat in (AND OTHER CATS OUT). To say I was upset during this conversation was an understatement. I told SCOTT DROCHAK that I would get a estimate from. I would get and install the door. I would go to small claims court to get Home Depot to pay for the job. I would want his name, as well as the guy who sold me the door, Adam McDougal, and everyone else responsible, to have their names on this potential Small Claims suit. At this point Scott Drochak said he was not allowed to talk to me anymore. And I was not to come into the store since there is a law suit pending. He gave me to the original representative I talked to. He could not help, so I had to hang up. I was so frustrated talking to these guys I raised my voice at one point in the conversation. Scott Drochak told me to calm down. I did. I told him anyone would be frustrated at what I am going though. He did not seem to agree. I was getting free installation on a substandard door.

Before I go the Small Claims Court route, I am imploring your office to help me out on this. It is so upsetting.

I would like Home Depot to either put my old screen door on so it looks the way it did before. If they cannot do this, I would like a similar door with a top AND bottom STRONG ALUMINUM SCREEN that is similar to my previous screen door (Even if they have to buy it from another store). I would be willing to pay the $25.00 charge the Home Depot South Hills Store told me they charge to remove the screen door. I will be willing to pay the $25.00 charge to put the screen door on. A total of $50.00 like the South Hills Home Depot salesman said is standard. It is NOT my fault my screen door is gone. It is Home Depot and their secretive paperwork for internal use only that I am upset with. They should be UPFRONT with their customers. This is sneaky and should be not tolerated with a store the caliber of Home Depot.


Building Materials [-]
by Arthur Mills on June 21, 2007

I orderd a double hung 6 panel steel door on 06/04/07. My estimated arrival date was 06/18/07. I called the store 4637 and spoke to someone in the window and door dept on 06/18/07. He looked my order # 121611 up in the computer and found the delivery date to be 06/20/07. On 06/20/07 I show up at the store to pick up my door, for the contractor that is comming 06/21/07 to install my door to find out its not in the store. Joe Wright the person that orderd my door goes to the computer to find that the delivery date shows 06/27/07. I told him I need this door. I,m having this shed built and I don,t need the contractor to pull off the job before its done. This door is the only thing I,m missing. He tells me he will call the door company to find out why the dates changed and he would call me tomorrow but I never heard from Joe. So that night I call to talk to a manager on duty about my problem and he takes down all my information and said he would call me back. My phone rings and its Joe. He said he tried calling me today but my phone went to voice mail. Maybe it did but I did not get the message. So Joe tells me I should cancel my order and try to find my door somewhere else because he spent 3 hrs on hold waiting for someone at the door company to tell him were my door was. If this is the way your employees feel about your custormers and there special orders please don't waste my time. I will be going to LOWE"S from here on out. I don't care if Home depot has what I want and its on sale. I want custormer service thats all. Not for the store manager to just give my complaint back to the person that can not find the answers. If I have to order this door somewhere else it will put me weeks out further. I would like your help in this matter. If this order gets canceled I promise you I will never step foot in a Home depot store again.


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