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Flooring [-]
by Guest98 on April 30, 2009

Here's one for you. I picked out flooring based on a 7 - 10 day install window after measurements taken. Two months earlier I had measurements taken for the same project, but they couldn't find them.

About 10 days after signing the agreement, and 5 days after the measurement, I received a call saying the flooring I chose would not be available for 4 to 6 WEEKS. I said to cancel my order, as I was rushing to get the flooring installed and place the townhome for rent. The person said she would cancel it.

Over a month later I received a statement from CitiBank for the flooring. I was confused, so I called Citi first. They said to call store. Store was no help.

I called their corporate offices in Atl. The department I reached was helpful and contacted the store. The store said they tried to cancel the charge but couldn't reach me to get MY approval to credit my Citi/Home Depot Card account. So the store said they would request and send a check so I could pay my Citi bill.


I kept in contact with corporate and they supposedly bantered back and forth with the store for a few weeks. According to corporate, the store requested ANOTHER check and mailed it.


Next, corporate said they would take care of it and faxed me a waiver to sign that would excuse Home Depot of any liability and would facilitate another check. AT THIS POINT, I am a LITTLE UNEASY signing over my rights. I would like corporate to sign the waiver/reimbursement agreement, so I can have a copy, before I sign.

As of now, I'm a little tired of it all. I just called CitiBank and contested the charge. The charge will now be reviewed a "judgement" passed in under 60 days.

Bottom line: don't trust Home Depot. 'nuff said


Other: disgruntled ex-employee [-]
by Changing_planes on June 28, 2007

I have never worked for a company where the employees were treated with zero respect and more like slaves until I worked for home depot. I could go on and on with the violations on their behalf, but in a nut shell, if you have any interest in seeing that humans are treated like humans, say no to home depot!


Appliances [-]
by Nancy Smith on June 28, 2007

I bought a LG refrig exactly two months ago. TWO MONTHS !! Water started pouring out of the dispenser and pouring on my wood floors. I called LG and was told that a repairman would come to my house in four days. I was willing to wait, as my husband, with a bad back, pulled the refrig out from the wall and turned off the water source. I took the day off work today to wait for the repairman and he is not coming. I called LG to tell them that the repairman did not show up and they just told me (afrer being on hold for 25 mins) to just call someone else and see if they would come and fix my refrig. I called the appliance repair shop that they said was coming and they said they never heard of me. What a disaster !!! I can't take off work again to wait and did I mention that the refrig is TWO MONTH OLD ! and that it cost more than $ 2,000. THANKS FOR NOTHING !!!


Kitchen [-]
by Pete Quezada on June 28, 2007

My wife and I are intrested in remodeling our kitchen. We went to our local Home Depot in Katy,Tx the one on Fry Rd. and I-10. We walked around the Kitchen Demo area for about 20 minutes before anybody from Home Depot came around when we finally found someone he didn't work in that dept. so he went to look for who did, that lasted another 15 minutes when nobody showed, we left. How can you possibly run a business like this? no customer service= no customers. We did arrange for the kitchen remodeling from Lowes right down the street. Thanks Home Depot.


Other: Home Depot EMPLOYEES [-]
by Rusty on June 27, 2007

Every employee that I try to ask for help at the Vicksburg, MS Home Depot Store either sends me to another employee with a bad attitude and neither one of them ever know anything about their products and sit there and complain to me about how bad it is working for your company. And nobody wants to ask for help, because your employees ack like it is a problem to help you, and they are all rude, very rude. Today when I asked a man for some help he told me he didn't have time to be fooling around with me that he was too busy, and I asked him was the customer 1ST priority or not and he told me I had a smart mouth. I feel like I am a loyal customer to Home Depot., and I have bought alot of things from you on my card and twice as much in cash and don't appreciate being treated like I was. This isn't the 1st time it seems like all your employees have an attitude at this store. I am considering never going back even if I have to drive 30 miles to the nearest LOWE's and setting up an account there and paying off my account with you and never coming back. I would like to see management make some changes at the Vicksburg, MS Home Depot Store and Home Depot COMPENSATE me in some form or fashion for the way I have been treated for so long, and I have finally had enough. I also would like to get some kind of respose from this email back to me at my email which is mgeter [at] entergy [dot] com (P.S. PLEASE TAKE THIS MESSAGE VERY SERIOUSLY, BECAUSE I AM NOT THE ONLY PERSON IN VICKSBURG THAT FEELS THIS WAY)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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