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Other: customer service desk [-]
by Guest1 on July 13, 2006

i went to your store today in bensalem, pa. 19020 on rockhill dr. to make a payment on my credit card. when i went to hand it to the women behind the counter she made me remove it from the envelope. she rudely said we dont take envelopes, mail men do.

i am a very good customer. i spend a lot of money at your store, and don't like how i was treated. i can very easily go to lowes' up the street also on rockhill dr. and spend my money.i am not sure if i will return. i am in there so often that a lot of your mail associates have to know me.


Other: Saftey & Security [-]
by GoingBroke on December 16, 2005

My husband was handcuffed at Home Depot for borrowing an old tape measure. He does roofing for a living and use's them quite often. This particular day he needed lumber, and forgot to bring in one of his tape measures... He saw one in between the lumber and used it... He went on with his buisness and had forgotten to put it back... He was detained at the door after he had paid for his supplies. They handcuffed him and brought him to the back of the store.

My husband is from El Salvador, he is a US citizen, and he tried to explain what had transpired, but to no avail... Now we are being sued... First for $350, to be paid in 20 days... My husband has a clean record on everything... Credit, DMV etc... He was cohersed and intimidated by the security there to sign a statement. He has never been so humiliated in his life, I truly believe that this is racially motivated.

After sending the documentation giving them their Law Offices the authorization to make the transaction, they proceeded to send another letter stating that they had not received the money, so now they want 650 dollars, within 10 days... My husband called the law office and explained that the payment was sent... So they are looking for it now... In the mean time, they sent another letter today, saying that he originally agreed to pay $625.00... He never made such an agreement. We have contacted a Lawyer... How legally binding are their letters, when they are sent regular mail... No certification, nothing... This sucks.


Other: Windows [-]
by Hello Lowes!!! on December 14, 2005

In March when the Pittsburg Kansas store opened we ordered 3 beautiful windows. Its Mid December now & to date, we're now on the 5th order of the 3 windows, and they still have not been delivered correctly. The managers of the store are complete idiots who only care about avoiding customer complaints & never have anything useful to say about what their going to do about the situation. We've heard every excuse in the book. Each time they call to say the windows are here, that they are correct- only for us to go examine them & find errors again. At this point a lawsuit is very much being considered!


Appliances [-]
by New Lowes Customer on December 05, 2005

I ordered a new washer and dryer from Home Depot a week ago and scheduled the delivery for the following Saturday. On Friday as stated, I received a call telling me that my washer and dryer would be delivered between the hours of 2-6 PM. At about 5:40 I called the store and told them that I had to leave at 6:00 and that no one was there yet. They said they could not get a hold of the delivery people because it was after 5PM. I then left to go to a Sunday School Christmas Party. At 7:33, my cell phone rang, it was the delivery guy stating that he was on his way to my house. I told him not to bother as there was no one there. I told him it was unacceptable that he did not call when he was given a 4 hour window in order to deliver the item. He said he was busy and lost track of time. I told him that was ridiculous.

On Sunday morning I called and talked to the store manager at the Home Depot that I purchase the washer and dryer. He said he was sorry and would look into having the washer and dryer delivered today (Sunday). A little later he called and said he would not be able to get it today or tomorrow as the delivery company does not deliver on Sunday or Monday. I told him to refund my money and I would never shop at another Home Depot again. Yesterday I went to Lowes three different times. I buy foreclosures and re-sell them. I do all the work myself and I have always bought exclusively from Home Depot. I know I am one person but I do not plan to give them another penny of my money.


Other: Garden Center [-]
by Jerry on November 12, 2005

My husband recently purchased a Woodbridge 10 x 8 storage building from Home Depot. His purchase for this particular building was decided because he was assured the flooring came with the package. After paying a delivery fee of $71.01 he received the building. When he opened the box he noticed that the floor was not in it. He immediately called Home Depot. They assured him that they would find the box containing the flooring for that particular building and call him back.

After a couple of hours, they called back stating that the flooring was not part of the purchase price after all and that he could puchase it for 240 something dollars and that they were very sorry. Needless to say, my husband is very angry and will not purchase anything else at Home Depot.


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